Simple, Doable
and Valuable

TPE develops a wide range of charging infrastructure products
as part of the future-oriented integrated solution

About TPE

Third Place Energy B.V.(TPE)is specialized in
design and r&d of state-of-the-art technologies
which can be applied in the e-mobility, battery
storage and renewable industry

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Our Product

Power Arrow

[AC Charging]

Power Arrow AC charger is available at 44kW power capacity with daul 22kW type 2 sockets in operation…

Power Bay

[DC charger]

TPE DC chargers range from 25kW to 180kW. With high power efficiency, multiple output and charging interface options…

Power Capsule

[DC charger]

Power Capsule DC wallbox charger is available at 30kW power capacity in operation…

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Solutions & Services


Together with its holding company Entratek GmbH in Germany, TPE develops and brings to market a
wide range of smart charging solutions covering multiple application scenarios.

Our offered services

After-sales services
Installation and commissioning (with partner)
Metering and safety
Product certification and localization
Charging business plan
Electrical design and planning (with partner)
Software backend integration and testing (with partner)

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