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About TPE

Simple, Doable and Valuable



Third Place Energy B.V. (TPE) is specialized in design and R&D of state-of-the-art IoT (Internet of Thing) along with IoE (Internet of Energy) technologies which can be applied in the e-mobility, battery storage and renewable industry. TPE develops innovative and cost-efficient concepts that serve today’s changing mobility and future energy market needs.


TPE talents are from international companies displaying high management level and market proven results. With an open-minded and tech-oriented culture, TPE welcomes commercial business partners, active project developers and every dedicated EV geeks to join this non-stop journey on EV charging and IoT/IoE road.




Our high-end IoT solution can solve any problem related to bottleneck like high investment, end-user payment and over the air update.


Our knowledge and future-oriented thinking allow us to consistently find the right balance between both values. In this way, we are part of customer value and always involved in the innovative sector. Thus, we are able to offer the best customer value while being permanently involved in the innovative sector.


*Customer value = Cost of current solution – Cost of new solution – Replacement cost


**Our value= Create the best cost-efficient products/services + Always thinking of customer side (always be customer oriented)