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Q & A


Why using a EV charger from TPE?
We are a dynamical company with much a lot technical know-how. We develop EV charger under the name of Third Place Energy B.V. (TPE) in The Netherlands and produce in China. The EV charger controller and embedded software are “Made in Europe”.
What is the cost of EV charger?
By TPE, the EV charger ready to sell is demand-based configured. The demand is individually requested. Customer will decide features like cable length, accessibility, installed condition, billing system, then a demand-based configuration will be set, which will be best adapted to your business process.
Is the EV charger adapted to local regulations?
In EU, all electric devices and components need to be conformed with CE certification under 3 regulations (LVD, RED and EMC). All TPE products are comformed with this certification. Besides, in the EV auto industries, there are specific standards need to be followed like ISO15118, IEC61851. All these standards are integrated into our software knowhow and have been tested with more than 20 car types. In certain countries like in Germany, Eichgesetz“ should be followed, which all DC charger in public area need „eichrechtskonformen“. TPE works with manufacturer closely to integrate this DC meter solution. The application of PTB is currently under evaluation.
Are the EV chargers load management controllable?
Yes, our charging stations support the load management and offer different possibilities to realize this. Either a local control on single charger through the display when it sets the limit on the charging power, current (static load management)

Or when there are more power consumers (e.g. charging station or solar generation), the charging station can be with an external controller integrated or controlled through Modbus TCP/IP.

Besides, the charging stations support the load management by OCPP 1.6JSON. This means, the connection through OCPP backend can be remotely controlled and monitored.
Is the charger compatible with various car manufacturers?
TPE chargers are tested with more than 20 types of cars which is best sold in Europe under the standards ISO15118 and CCS Combo2 plug. Those car types are compatible with TPE AC and DC chargers: BMW i3, Honda-e, Opel e-corsa, Audi e-tron, Porsche taycan, Volkswagen ID3/ID4, Volkswagen e-golf, Hyundai Kona/Ioniq, BYD T3/T6/bus, NIO ES6, e-Skoda, e-Jaguar, Renault Zoe, SAIC MG, Mercedes EQC, Mitsubishi Hybrid, Nissan Leaf and several other operational cars.
How is the payment system integrated in TPE charger?
TPE integrates the most popular payment system like Nayax. With Nayax payment terminal, all methods of credit cards, debit cards, mobile payment paypal and usw. can be easily readable. The transaction is payable by giving billing tracking system and easy access for operators. Besides, the normal RFID reader can be optional for configuration.