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IoE Solutions


What Is the Internet of Energy (IoE)?
Internet of Energy (IoE) is a technological term that refers to the upgrading and automating of electricity infrastructures for energy producers and manufacturers. This allows energy production to move forward more efficiently and cleanly with the least amount of waste. The term is derived from the increasingly prominent market for Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which has helped develop the distributed energy systems that make up the IoE.
Benefits of Internet of Energy (IoE)
Many benefits result from the implementation of IoE for both manufacturers and energy producers including both utility companies and households. In fact, it reduces inefficiencies in a way that energy transmission becomes much more efficient. Significant money savings and considerable reduction of energy loss also represent solid advantages of IoE use. It is undeniable that consumers and end users will also benefit from those advantages. 
Trend for clean energy and its transition:
BBC World Service: Kees Koolen welcomes US commitment to clean energy - Koolen Industries
TPE IoE (Internet of Energy) solutions make it possible for businesses and end users to benefit from the whole green system. Eventually, part of the initial cost will be compensated by governments’ cash incentives across Europe. In the meantime, our center for the energy management unit is working on solving some issues related to grid balance challenges and safety problems. 
After having analyzed the average household load profile, TPE is working on developing the system panoramic based on collective data. The same process can be applied to business unit such as banks, hotels, warehouses and other destination facilities. Eventually, this will be a life changing innovation. 



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