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As part of the future-oriented integrated solution,
TPE develops a wide range of charging infrastructure related products.


The POWER ABCD concept makes it easy for end users to access EV chargers. Through strong and advanced IoT technologies,
TPE represents a solid asset for its present ans future business partners.
Altogether we create an EMS based microgrid to offer a total changing solution from distributed energy resources,
EV charging, green generation, energy storage to energy management and energy efficiency optimization in the near future.



IoT products solutions vs. current market challenges  



Power Arrow

Power Arrow AC charger is available with a 44kW power capacity and a dual 22kW type 2 sockets. It is designed and developed for standstill AC charging scenarios: at the super market, in a parking garage, at the theatre or anywhere in the city where a charging station could be useful. With its modern and robotic design, Power Arrow standstill charger represents a great AC charging solution and won’t encounter any difficulties to break into the current market.

Power Bay

Power Bay super DC charger is available at a high power range of 180kW. It is upscaled designed and developed for applications where DC fast charging is required: along the highway, bus depot, commercial fleets or at various destinations in the city. With its modular design, a footprint of less than 1 m² and a power efficiency of more than 95.1%, Power Bay DC charger is the perfect candidate to be a part of the smart city infrastructure.

Power Capsule

Power Capsule DC wallbox charger is available at a 30kW power capacity. It is designed and developed for applications where small DC fast charging is needed: at the super-market, in a parking garage, at the theater, in a hotel or anywhere in the city where a small charging device could be useful. With its modern and compact design, the power module density can reach 2721 kW/m3 and offers a power efficiency of more than 95.1%. Power Capsule DC wallbox charger combined with the capsule concept is perfectly suitable for future cost-efficient charging scenarios.

Power Dot

Power Dot is designed for the 11kW 3-phase AC home charging scenario. In Europe, the 3-phase home charging is rather popular, especially now that governments are offering financial incentives such as : a reduced cost of KfW 900 Euro in Germany or the new French financial incentives coming into effect in 2021. Power Dot can also support a Solar/battery storage system with TPE backend, making this device the best home charging option.

Why IoT products? 

1. Robotic system with OTA (over the air) update which brings future-proof for the operation level.
Through OTA, compatibility of new type car, load management of grid service,
even advertisement will be no question in next generation of technology.


2.All DC charging systems support modern payment options like Nayax or any other easy and quick payment method.
This represents a big improvement for borderless charging and semi-public usage of small business.

Same as before 


3.Backend platform takes deep diagnosis into the working products and monitors each charging section.
Only using IoT products, it can be fully integrated without gap.
The installed products will allow to minimize the after-sales cost and maximize the operational turnover.
Standardized OCPP1.6 platform Jerry+ can be used in this case.

Same as before