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IoT Services


TPE developed the SaaS cloud platform Jerry+ for IoT smart terminals and charging hardware.
The use of this platform  can monitor smart charging hardware POWER ABCD  as well as deliver the diagnosis data. Moreover,
Jerry+ is compatible with other operator’s platform allowing data to be transferred to the third party’s system in a secure way. 
Once installed, Jerry+ is able to not only minimize the after-sales costs but also to maximize the operational turnover.
In other words,this platform’s abilities guarantee a great payback within years to any of its users. 




TPE who has strong R&D skills and a great knowledge of the European market, also takes to heart every cooperation with its service partners and local distributors : 
Entratek GmbH (Germany), Floading Energy Infra B.V. (the Netherlands), DIGILAB (France), Go Electric (Austria).Building a strong network enables us to create synergies and offer our customers all-around services.


Our offered services:

• After-sales services

• Installation and commissioning (with partner)

• Metering and safety

• Product certification and localization
• Charging business plan
• Electrical design and planning (with partner)
• Software backend integration and testing (with partner)


We also implemented an after-sales training on a quarter basis.